John M. Davis – Interview

Interview with John M. Davis. The bestselling author of Gunship, The Fleet and more…

Old image of John M. Davis
Old image I found of John M. Davis

Who are you?

My name is John M. Davis and I like long walks on the beach. No, seriously. I wish I was walking on the beach right now, just like my lazy editor always do. Well, he doesn’t walk much, he just lay in the sun with an umbrella drink in his hand all day long. I also happen to like watching ice hockey and the Canadian Football League. I’m happily married with two kids and they’re all the love of my life. I’ve also been known to keep a coffee mug in my hand… a lot.

John with his family
John with his family

What’s your first book Gunship about and how did it come to be?

Gunship is a story about people like us making tough decisions. It also happens to include spaceships, vampires and lots of other cool stuff. The truth is, I used to be an armed security officer at a nearby military ammunition plant. I did a lot of reading and, on the nights when I was posted alone, I started writing up the story of Gunship.

When did you publish it?

After a year of writing, I published Gunship in late 2011.

I know Gunship have spawned many sequels and also two spin off series, “The Fleet” and “Heroes“. What are they about?

Gunship was intended to be a small project that introduced this newbie author to the way the publishing industry works. It was my way of learning the ropes. Gunship has had a lot more success than I anticipated, and readers began asking for more. The Fleet is based around the adventures of the Gunship series favorite Dalton James. Heroes is more of a reboot, using the same handful of characters and placing them in more of a fantasy setting.

That sounds very interesting. Can I try free samples?

Absolutely. I do my very best to offer free work, because I know that my style of writing isn’t for everyone. At any given time, you can find anywhere from 4 to 6 free books/novellas on my website. Among others, the first book in the Gunship, Heroes and Fleet series are all currently free. You should go check them out. Seriously. Put the coffee down, fire your eBook reader up and give them a download.

How is your process from idea to finished book?

I’m what’s called a “panster”. Some authors will spend weeks drawing up pretty outlines of their story – I don’t. I spend just one day outlining a story in my head. I jot down main characters and their personalities. I try to figure out what makes them unique. And then I also put together a world that I think is interesting. From there, I already know how the story is going to end. Aside from that, I just start writing and let the characters take over. When it’s finished, we begin the process of editing and rewriting until I’m proud to put it out there to the rest of the world. As I mature as an author, I find that it takes a lot more work to end up with something that makes me proud.

You mentioned editing. Do you think it’s important to hire an editor, or might an author as well save the money and do it him/her-self?

While you can do it yourself, I’d only suggest it as a last resort. I will guarantee that anyone’s work is better after hiring a good editor. For example, I wrote Gunship back in 2011 and edited it myself. Now, with a good editor by my side, it’s been completely rewritten from the ground up, along with a slew of editing. It doesn’t even feel like the same book. You show me a successful author and I promise you they have a good editor.

What are you writing on now?

Right now I’m writing a story about zombies, a romance novella and a story about men against an alien race of machines. It’s all over the place. Something I picked up a while back is this belief that I need to write what makes me happy, not necessarily what I believe will make lots of money.

When does your new book launch?

The above mentioned are all set to release on 1/1/2017 and I should have sequels nearing completion by that time, too. Fingers crossed.

How can I learn more about you and your books?

Kind sir, you (or any of your millions of blog viewers) can find me at:

John M. Davis Official Website


Editing my first Romance novel

Previously I’ve mostly edited Science Fiction with a hint of Crime and Fantasy, now the time has come to broaden the horizon and trying something completely new. Romance.

Yes, you read it correctly. Romance. And it’s not even Paranormal Romance which could be classified as Fantasy with some imagination. Just normal Romance. The stuff our mothers, daughters, wives and girlfriends read.

It’s a book called Brookhaven, about an author who moves from sunny Miami to the small, fictional (I think) Canadian town of Brookhaven, near Vancouver. Where unexpectedly romances blossoms.

And how is it? To be honest. It’s a pretty interesting ride even though there are neither spaceships, dragons nor aliens.

As for now, the scheduled release is January 1st, 2017. Book the date in your calendars girls (and boys). You’ll love this book. It will be a perfect read after the New Years festivities.

// D.

The joy of editing a good book.

Most of you know that I’m not an author. I “just” edit books, so writing stuff like this blog post is not quite what I usually do. But I’ve decided to at least try to write something every other day, or so.

I’ve been editing books for Serenity Valley Publishing since mid/late 2013.
During the time, I’ve seen John Davis evolve from a mediocre(I’m sorry mate, but that’s true) author with good stories to an awesome author with great stories.

His latest books, like Heroes of Destiny, Heroes of Battle, Emma, One Last Hero and Gunship: Space Rebels are miles away in quality compared to the earliest books like the original Gunship.

While the idea of the story and the characters of Gunship are good, the actual writing is not good, and at that time, the lack of an editor is painfully obvious. I urge you to check out the first Gunship(It’s free, so you won’t lose anything more than a few hours of your time), then try Heroes of Destiny(It’s also free, so no losses) and see the difference.

Of the later books, I have to say that Emma is my favorite.

I’m currently working on editing Fleet: Guardians, the latest installment in the best selling Fleet series. All I can say at the moment is: Wow, this is an awesome book. The story is set in The Drifts, the outer rim of The Skyla System, a hundred years or so after the fall of Dalton James. An ancient race of aliens have come back to the Skyla System to wage war on the races currently living there in peace. In the face of overwhelming odds, a small group becomes the heroes needed to keep the ancients at bay.

Editing this book is pure joy. A great flowing story where I don’t have to add too much red ink, except some minor suggestions about enhancing the story and stupid comments to make John laugh. My job have never been easier than it is now. The journey both me and John have traveled the last few years have been long and sometimes painful, but we’ve really come far from where we once started.

Today I can proudly say that I’m a good editor and John is a great author. In 2013, if I would have said that, I would have been a liar.


I just bought(well, it’s free, gratis, as in free beer) Terminus.
A novella length introduction to exciting new Science Fiction adventures by Jason Halstead and John M. Davis, Author

This series will consist of books by both authors. Starting with the free intro by Mr. Halstead, then continuing with Ghost Planet by Mr. Davis after which Mr. Halstead takes over again with Frozen Dreams.

Since I’ve done the editing of Ghost Planet I’ve also read the intro and viewed over Frozen Dreams to search for inconsistencies in the combined stories. I can tell everyone. This is an awesome series that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Please go and grab the free intro at Amazon or if you’re a Nook user, its free at B&N as well

Some useful links:
Official Terminus homepage
Mr. Davis “Terminus News”. The “Newspaper” of the Terminus universe
Jason Halstead’s homepage
John M. David’s homepage

Welcome to Project: Deadworld

An interesting new project by John Davis and Joshua Guess where they are experimenting in cooperative world building.

“Instead of writing a single story through direct collaboration, our aim is to create a shared world that each of us can write our own stories in. For now, this site will host two such stories, but down the road we hope to invite new authors to join in.”

Source: Project: Deadworld